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In the autumn of 2013, the President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, founded "Saakashvili Presidential Library" and laid the foundation for the construction of the library building. The main goal of the foundation was to set up an educational center which would support the promotion of liberal-democratic values, as well as the ideas of national unity and independence of thinking in the society.

The Foundation, which is mainly focused on educational activities, is aimed at organizing public discussions on the issues of national, regional and global challenges in order to promote the development in Georgia of the educated civil society having increased civic awareness and imbued with a sense of responsibility. Through its activities the Foundation seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among young people. As a result, the Foundation hopes to create an environment enabling young people, including students, to set up their own civic and professional networks and plan their personal, as well as the country`s future based on common interests and democratic values.

The library specializes in the humanities and natural sciences, the Georgian and international law, global security, international relations, regional problem studies, newest history, art, design and architecture.

Saakashvili Presidential Library also offers its guests:

      • comprehensive scientific library resources;
      • discussion platform;
      • establishing contacts with local and foreign partners;
      • promoting co-operation of students and young researchers;
      • space and infrastructure for the local and foreign media.

"Saakashvili Presidential Library" foundation is a non-profit legal entity. The construction of the Presidential Library, which is an integral part of the foundation, began in October 2013. The library building was designed by renowned German architect Jurgen Mayer. The official opening of the library was held on April 22, 2014. Mikheil Saakashvili addressed from the United States the students from various higher educational institutions attending the opening ceremony.

The Presidential Library, which is based on the American model concept, is largely focused on the educational and scientific activities. Saakashvili Presidential Library collection includes scientific and educational literature.

The library collection comprises the books which were purchased specifically for the library, as well as a part of the President Saakashvili's personal collection and a variety of books presented to the library by well-known authors and politicians.

The library is open every day from 10.00 to 20.00 pm. Joining the library, borrowing books and using computers in the library is free of charge for everyone. The unlimited wireless Internet access is available all over the premises of the library. Readers have free access to JSTOR-'s scientific base.
Our conference room holds a number of public venues on a weekly basis, including lectures, conferences, discussions and exhibitions.

The Conference Hall is free for NGOs and students` initiatives. The library cooperates with like-minded groups and organizations having similar goals.
The Presidential Library has already hosted 91 public discussions, 6 exhibitions, 16 film screenings, two presentations of books and 12 students` meetings.

The library has more than 100 donors including both organizations and individuals.

რა თემატიკის წიგნები გაინტერესებთ?
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